Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pegasus Bridge CG - Day II (Turns 2 and 3) - 'Blue Bonnets over the Border'

 Turn 2 begins with Von Luck's forces moving into battle at the south edge of Benouville...the crucial German counter-attack begins...

 The starting positions for the Germans and the British at the bottom of Turn 2.

 The German 9-1 peers towards Benouville...Leutnant Hans Hoeller will have a very busy couple of turns...

 Major Howard and Col. Pine-Coffin put down fire on the German Grenadiers forcing them into the southern woods. But their ears perk up as they hear tank treads in the distance...

 The Ox and Bucks, Lt. Todd Sweeney gathers his men together. This British 9-2 has been a rock in the British defense. He and the German Lt. Hans Hoeller will be facing off for much of the next two turns.

 Von Luck's reinforcements move into the battle.

 The Panzer commanders sight their objective...Lt. Sweeney and his boys at the far west edge of Benouville.

 Panzers forward!

 Back in the wheatfields to the Northwest of Benouville...the crack of a German sniper rifle disturbs the hot June morning..

 The relentless German sniper finishes off the broken British 57LL AT-Gun crew...

 The battle intensifies as Turn 3 begins. Howard, Sweeney and Pine-Coffin begin an orderly withdrawal as the Germans lap around both the west and east flanks of southern Benouville.

 The German Panzers in the west concentrate on driving Lt. Sweeney's men out of their positions.

 Lt. Sweeney hangs tough and keeps his men in the fight.

 Back to the north, Major Howard's forces in Le Port begin moving to the wood line. Lord Lovat's men reach the T-Intersection and can now see the bridge.

 The fighting in the east gets intense. The British Piat team is casualty reduced and broken as the MKIV's and their supporting Grenadiers unleash all their fire at them. The only bright spot occurs when the German 9-1 Armor Leader malf's his main armament while taking advantage of an ROF shot. Darn the luck!!!

 And then...Leutnant Hans Hoeller's Iron Cross moment arrives. He becomes heroic as Lt. Sweeney and Major Howard pour fire on his position.

Hoeller steels himself to stay in the fight.

He points out the targets for his tired Landsers.

 The German panzers along the canal move off road and survive their bog checks to put pressure on the east edge of Benouville.

 The Ox and Bucks begin moving north as Von Luck's Grenadiers reach the edge of the southern woods.

 Col. Pine-Coffin has the Sherman move into a position to smoke the Germans on the roof of the Chateau. It is his last remaining anti-tank asset, but making smoke may ultimately be it's great purpose as Turn 4 begins.

 The situation along the canal and east edge of Benouville.

Lord Lovat's men reach Pegasus Bridge...a pretty heady moment for both players in this awesome CG. History has unfolded beneath our hands as we move our respective cardboard heroes towards their objectives.

 The bridge at last...

The Ox and Buck half-squad on the east edge of the bridge celebrates!!!

 But back in Benouville...the fight continues...

And in the southern woods, Von Luck's Grenadiers prepare to grapple with the Ox and Bucks.

 Rommel's field headquarters...let's listen in: Feld Marschall Rommel, "So...which of you fools do I thank for leaving Grumble Jones in charge of the Caen Canal Bridge defense...General Feuchtinger...perhaps visiting  with your mistress in Paris was not so well thought out in light of current events."..."Ja, Herr Feld would seem so...but Grumble Jones may yet surprise us." "I hope so for your sake Herr get back to your HQ and give Grumble Jones everything you can. We must not lose that bridge...since you will need it to lead my counter-attack against the beaches."
And finally...back at Pine-Coffin's HQ..."Lord Lovat, glad to see you chap. We'll hold the Jerries here in secure the bridge and continue east. I shan't think it will take us too much longer to clean up this business with Herr Grumble Jones. We'll join you for high tea shortly...this is Big Kansas signing off...God Save the King"

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