Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pegasus Bridge Campaign Game - Day II the sound of Bag Pipes...

Day II began with the long awaited arrival of Lord Lovat's Commandos...a whole bunch of 6-4-8 goodness for Major Howard's hard fighting Ox and Bucks.

 My German Landsers take note and steel themselves for the fury of the fight to come...

 Let's listen in: " you see them?? Lord Lovat at long last has come up from the beach. Now we'll take it good to Jerry!"
 The map at the beginning of Day II. The German line stretches from the Canal to the west board edge in a crescent. The British set up with three 7 high Kill Stacks in the southern edge of Benouville. They were going to unleash holy fury on the Germans in Prep Fire.
 The British forces near the canal were few...but certainly there are mines a plenty on the roads leading to the bridge.
 Howard's boys also manned the German 50L by the bridge. It fired and missed at one of the MKIV's edging along the canal road. It kept rate and fired again...but malf'd the gun and it's out for the duration of Day II.

 Col. Pine-Coffin's HQ...let's listen in: "Boys, we've got to take the fight to Jerry and give Lord Lovat time to bring up his troops. I know you're tired...but so is Jerry. It's time to remove that pesky Jerry 9-2 over on the west edge. I'm sure he's a good sort...but he's got to go. Now off you go!"

The Ox and Bucks surged forward and swept the Germans from the west edge of the village. Nothing could stop them.

The Ox and Bucks moved three large Kill Stacks forward. The Germans were swept back into the southern woods.
 And Col Pine-Coffins orders were carried out to the letter. The German 9-2 and MMG position were overwhelmed in the advancing fire phase.
 My brave 9-2 can rest now...
 Lord Lovat's men moved quickly and CX'd across the map. But along the Canal road they were spotted by the Germans located on the Chateau roof. The canvas ripping sound of an MG-42 sent them scurrying.
 26 Hexes out and my MG-42 managed a 1 factor shot -4. Lovat's men braced for the results...and I rolled an 8...and broke a single 8-0 officer. Doggone it!!! Well at least Lovat's boys know to keep their heads down now.
 Lovat's forces are nearing the bridge with Lovat himself moving towards the Benouville schoolhouse.
 Now we consider the tale of two guns. The 57LL AT-Guns that were manhandled with such effort to the Benouville Schoolhouse area now went into action. They sent shells hurtling into the entrenched German line to the west.
 A German 5 cm mortar replied...
 And in a stroke of Teutonic Luck rolled snake eyes.

 A grim reminder of the power of snake eyes in ASL.

 The tale of the remaining British 57LL AT Guns begins in the southern edge of Benouville. One of Pine-Coffins kill stacks was moving unchecked through the village and caught a German 4-6-7 in the open. Sensing an easy kill, the Ox and Bucks opened up with a Piat shot that rolled a critical hit...oh no snake eyes...16 -2 for the doomed 4-6-7...but then for the Morale check the cheeky 4-6-7 rolls...a "3"!!! They are saved and now for the Sniper Check...a "1".

 The sniper, hidden near the north end of Benouville carefully sights his target...the crew of the remaining 57LL AT-Gun and fires.

 The crew is broken and just like that the two 57LL AT Guns are out of action.

Meanwhile in the south...Von Luck's Grenadiers are hastening to the battle...

 The rumble of tanks and the pounding of boots fills the air as the next German RG's prepare to enter the battle.
 A last view of the map as we head into the bottom of Turn 2.

We listen in a final time..."Herr General...Von Luck has thrown in the additional Grenadiers and Panzers. They should be supporting Grumble Jones' defense in southern Benouville within the hour." "Ah...but will it be enough Leutnant...will it be enough..."


  1. Best ASL battle reports I have ever read! Mind letting me know where you get your pics at? Figure the Brits are from movie Longest Day but the color German pics are from where??? As well as the B&W German wartime photos? They really enhance your telling of the story.

    1. The Longest Day, Band of Brothers Episode "The Replacements", Google, and the 1946 movie, Theirs is the Glory about the Battle of Arnhem - available on youtube. Theirs is the Glory is remarkable as the only war movie I have seen that has real Panther and Tiger Tanks in it.

      Thanks for the comments, they are much appreciated.

    2. Oh and the color German pics...some are from the German miniseries, Generation War. Lots of clips on youtube. The DVD should be available from Amazon this month.