Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pegasus Campaign Game - The Conclusion of Day 1 - Vorwärts marsch !!!

 Day 1 finally concluded after three gaming sessions (nearly 10 hours of game play) and nearly 7 complete turns. So far Day 1 has been the longest and hardest fought part of our Pegasus Bridge Campaign. Prior to Day 1, the Germans has been pushed completely off the map and out of both Le Port and Benouville. By the end of Day 1 -- the German Landsers would have secured a large zone of control both east and south of Benouville.
 The Germans continued their efforts to dig in and create zones of control to connect the Chateau with Benouville. The goal was to ensure that no German units would be isolated at game end and to give the Germans the ability to move forces all along the zone of control for Day II's activities.
 The British fought back hard and held fast to a line along the K Row.

 Despite the best efforts of  my 4-6-7's and 4-6-8's...we couldn't dislodge the British from their Row K positions.
 I extended my Germans all the way to the Canal in an effort to dig a foxhole at the edge of the canal. I wasn't able to complete it before we rolled out of the game.
 The British massed their forces in preparation for a counter-attack in the southeast area.  The Germans massed behind the stone wall bordering the Chateau and prepared to repel the expected counter-attack.
 Col. Pine-Coffin retained control of his HQ in Row K and continued to anchor the British line in Benouville.
 Pine-Coffin's boys managed to destroy the last of the French Tankettes and then dashed across the street to engage the Germans in close combat. But the Germans won the ambush, ran upstairs and in the next Prep-Fire, point blank fire from the 9-2 Kill Stack and the MKIV, put an end to their valiant attack.

 The Germans also made good progress along the western edge and managed to secure a house, and two British foxholes.
 My Germans spent a lot of the game digging foxholes and barely managed to get two of the most important ones dug. And at one diggers rolled a "12"...which begged the question...Did they break their shovels!?!?
 Through much of the game, my Landsers kept secure in their foxholes.
 The board at game end. The Germans have created a crescent shaped zone of control with Col. Pine-Coffins boys squarely in the middle.
 The Germans lost 1-1/2 squads total in Day I....and all were lost due to Boxcar induced casualty reduction. The British also lost a full squad to the same thing.
 The Elimination Box at the end of the game.
 Let's listen in to 21st Panzer Division HG..."Ja, I Grumble Jones has made some progress in retaking the the Bridge. Continue to press the attack...see that 33 more Reinforcement Points are spent not stop until the British are swept from Benouville and Le Port. And then I might consider not having Grumble Jones shot! Wiederhoeren...."
A few Iron Crosses given out to the Landsers for their efforts on Day I.

 Meanwhile...Lord Lovat prepares his Commandos for Day II and the most crucial battle of this CG Yet!!!
Forward Commandos...Howard's boys are waiting for us!

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