Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pegasus Bridge CG - Day I Begins!


In the span of 3-1/2 turns last night, my opponent and I rolled 6  Boxcars, which resulted in a lot of pain for both the Germans and the British. Truthfully, we both did more damage to ourselves than to each other!!!
 After much internal debate I settled on assaulting the village of Benouville through the A7 entry point. This allowed me to spend the entirety of my 36 RG points on stuff, rather than on access through the other 3 available entry hexes. I purchased the following: 15 Fortification points = 1 , 1 x Panzer Grenadier Platoon = 5 , 1 x Panzer Grenadier Company = 13, 1 x Platoon of MKIV's = 14 , and 1 x Platoon of the little FT17 Tankettes = 3, for a grand total of 36 points.

I resolved to attack through the southern woods and make for the village of Benouville and possibly towards the Chateau.

For the first time in this CG, I also put 3 x MKIV's into the action. They followed behind the little FT17's and their primary mission was to blow the Brits out of their stone buildings.

 My MKIV's moved as a group and lined up for point blank shots on Howard's boys.

 For the first time in this CG, I brought on a Full Panzer Grenadier Company. 12 Squads of glorious 4-6-7's...ahhh...the jackbooted wonder of it all!!
 The street fighting hit a new level of ferocity during the Day I fighting.
 Despite the many boxcars and failed morale checks, the Germans still managed to push forward and have a chance to maybe drive the British out of the southwest end of town.
 The British fell back in order and took out all the FT17 tankettes in fierce fighting.
 One of the challenges for the British player is having to defend against 4 separate German entry hexes. There is no way to predict which entry hex the Germans will choose. So the British player in this CG is forced to spread his forces to cover multiple eventualities.
 The fighting in the southern end of Benouville was tough on both sides. The German armor helped swing the initial balance in favor of the Germans.
 The Germans will have to move quickly to consolidate and create a unified zone of control.
The fighting for the Chateau had several strange moments including a close combat attack by the British from the Chateau into the German held woods. The Germans won the ambush and withdrew into the Chateau, leaving the unlucky Red Devils stuck in the woods and surrounded by Germans. must scramble your two FW190's and go to the aid of Grumble is most urgent!!
Have you lost your mind Herr Oberst??? Have you even read the rules!?!?  There are no Aircraft Purchases for the Pegasus Bridge CG...besides I have a beach to strafe...auf wiederhoeren!


  1. The CG reached a very 'dynamic' stage by stoppage time last night. Having deduced by then that all possible RGs had entered, I now can start shifting troops over to that front to help out. But how much FURTHER will your Germans have exploited by the time they've Double Timed over there ?!!?

    I hadn't had a pit in my stomach like that since the Night scenario when Jerry was one hex from Pegasus Bridge, with only broken 'blockers' and Dummies between him and a full-scale coup. Truly great ASL!!!

  2. Oh no...I thought I had paid off the French Fräulein to keep Major Howard distracted...

  3. Oh things are hotting up now, those tiny French tanks sure do burn bright


  4. Ian those little French tanks did a great job. They helped to reveal the Piat teams. I was able do VBM freeze with one and another helped to get behind the Brits in the woods. And then as burning wrecks, the gave me some much needed smoke. I got a lot of value for just 3 RG points.