Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pegasus Bridge CG - Day 1 continues..."Let Loose the Dogs of War and the Berserk Germans!!!"

 The struggle on Day 1 continued as the Germans and British grappled on the south edge of Benouville. The Germans advanced steadily through the south woods and under the cover of tanks and smoke entered the outlying buildings. Fierce fighting would characterize the battle as we continued this outstanding CG.
 My German Panzer Grenadier Company made good progress in the woods.
 The British fell back into Benouville from the woods and the Chateau as it became clear the Germans were going to isolate the Chateau. A nod to my opponent. He rarely allows his forces to be cut-off. In all the games we have played, I have yet to really corner him. He has an uncanny sense of when it's time to withdraw.
 As the British fell back, a lucky morale check succeeded in making a 4-6-7 with a MMG go berserk. Not really what I had been hoping for. There's nothing like watching your badly needed MMG go with a crazed squad into the open street with British Paras filling the air with lead.
 Back at the Chateau, the British slowed my advance and then bugged out.
 The Germans quickly took control of the Chateau's upper floors and moved one squad towards the Canal. It seems years ago now that I was once by the canal. If you have never tried a CG...I would like to recommend you grab a copy of Pegasus Bridge (and get it from ASL Battleschool). This CG has been some truly memorable ASL.
 The British on the North edge of Benouville did not remain idle. Once they were satisfied that no more German RG's were coming on to the board, they began moving quickly towards the fighting.
 And there was no stopping them as they CX'd their way to shore up the line.
 They are going to be a formidable obstacle as we head into Turns 6 and 7.
 Now let's consider the tale of Col. Pine Coffin...Major Howard's other 10-2 partner in Red Devil Crime!
 With 2 x 6-4-8's and a bloody Piat (I hate them!), he is a formidable Kill Stack, which my Germans have not been able to phase at all. Even my rolled "3's" only forced a Pin Check...which just caused ol' Pine Coffin to set down his tea, so he didn't waste any of his fine Earl Grey.
 While Pine Coffin anchored the West edge of town, the boys moving from the North have created a new line on the East edge.
Let's listen in..."Now Reginald...that MKIV out there is disturbing my tea time...would you care to blast it with that fine Piat of your's? I would be terribly appreciative."
 Reginald...a master ASL Piat Man...sets up...takes my MKIV, shrouded by the smoke it discharged in a futile attempt to hide itself..., fires his shot...rolls a 5...which of course hits the turret and ...well see below for the effect... MKIV all brewed up...English Tea style...dang...I wanted to preserve all of my MKIV's for Day II's activities...
 That's OK...My 9-2 is starting to get mad!!!
Ok...the Berserk Germans with the MMG make their death rush towards the British. And unbelievably they survive every shot and jump into battle with a British 6-4-8. 
 "We're gonna die...we're gonna die...we're gonna die...Holy Buckets of Lead...we didn't die!!!"
 In the ensuing melee, my Berserk squad took out the British Paras and have given the Germans some hope in the East Wood.
Meanwhile..."This is Big Kansas calling Lord Lovat...come in Lord Lovat..." and so the CG it Friday yet?!?!


  1. I haven't played the CGs, but I have played most of the scenarios (PB6 was big enough on VASL).

    Pegasus Bridge has a really fine map. More LOS available in Benouville than you'd think at first. I really wish we'd see slopes again, they added a lot to the map.

  2. I have to say that I am really enjoying it. In over 30 years of playing SL/ASL, I had never done a CG. It's such a different experience from scenario play. I'm already thinking about force preservation vs. increasing my zone of control for the Day II Battle. The CG just completely changes your thinking. Really glad to be playing this one.

  3. Oi! Reginald! Damnblastit chappy, is it Friday yet, what? I hate these week-long cease-fires, mate; it just gives Grumble 'Jerry' more time for recon!