Friday, April 4, 2014

Pegasus Bridge Campaign Game...end of the DAWN...the sun has risen over Normandy...

 Tonight saw the conclusion of the Dawn Turn of the Pegasus Bridge CG. 6-1/2 turns were completed in total. Major Howard's men held at all points and made some progress by extending their zone of control with some key foxholes and by a strong movement into the southern woods to seize control of the Chateau.
 British Piats and rifles accounted for the destruction of 3 Marder I's. The Germans learned the hard lesson that infantry support must be available to protect armored vehicles when possible.
 The Germans began the Dusk Turn with 4 separate Reinforcement Groups. The Marder I and the AA Platoon were both completely eliminated. But the German Panzer Grenadier Platoons both survived intact and will be instrumental in supporting the coming German attack in the Day 1 Turn.
 The British were successful in controlling the Chateau, but one German Panzer Grenadier Platoon managed to hold out and will be a thorn in the British side in the Day 1 Turn...(or so the Germans hope!!!)

In Benouville, the remaining Germans managed to hold out, but couldn't advance due to the British 9-2 and 10-2 Kill Stacks.
 The fields north of the Town Hall and Schoolhouse were the scene of desperate fighting by the two  remaining Marder I's. Both went down fighting.
 In the center the British moved their 2 x 57LL AT Guns into position.
 The British dug some much needed foxholes, but time ran out on the game before they were able to complete several others.
 The Germans managed to hold out near the Chateau, but will be subject to low ammo for the Day 1 Turn.
 Back at 21st Panzer Division HQ, the staff officers work feverishly to determine the next Reinforcement Groups for the German attack in the Day 1 Turn. The Germans will have 36 points available to spend.
 The strongest German attack thus far is being prepared...but where to strike....?

Meanwhile...Major Howard's men scan the horizon for the telltale dust that will reveal the long awaited arrival of the German Panzers...

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