Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Next Grumble Jones - Scenario GJ004 is in the works...

I have been researching the British vs. Italians in 1941 East Africa - Somaliland and Eritrea. Some really interesting leaders were present in this largely forgotten theater of WWII. The tall Duke of Aosta lead the Italians with some skill and the British had the outstanding leadership of Wavell, Slim and Wingate at their disposal. So I'll see what I can come up with. My initial focus will be focused on the fighting for Keren in northern Eritrea. 

 (***Disclaimer - my scenarios have gotten some attention on the Gamesquad Forum. While this is kinda cool, it also can be a little bit problematic...particularly for the ASL Grognards. So I want to be very upfront that my scenario designs are just an enjoyable way for me to stay connected to ASL when I'm not actually playing. And I really enjoy the research and process of creating a scenario. And finally, I do not pretend in any fashion that my scenarios hold a candle to the many 3rd Party Scenarios out there for purchase. Grumble Jones scenarios are just a perk for those readers who follow my blog. Just a way to say thanks!)

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