Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Conclusion of AP 41 The Meat Grinder or "Don't mess with the Russian Big Dog!!!"

 After a three week hiatus, my regular Wednesday night opponent and I were able to finish AP41, The Meat Grinder. This game saw a lot of maneuvering by the Germans as they tried to flank my Russians on the Northern Flank. But by game end, the long flanking maneuver took too much time to develop.
 My Russians were able to secure control of 8 buildings total at the game's end. At one time, I had 10, but the Germans were able to gobble up the three northernmost buildings. My BT-7's didn't do very much except absorb German tank shells. All three were destroyed along with my AA Truck. My infantry did a good job of controlling the center and channeling from there to buildings up and down the north-south road. My KV2's anchored the defense and controlled the road for the most part.
 The German flanking move resulted in destroyed Russian tanks, but it also separated them from supporting the German infantry attack.
 These fellows gave a good account of themselves.
 In the South, the three German MKIII's tried to create havoc, but two were knocked out by a KV2. But to their credit, they did manage to immobilize one of my KV2's.
 The Russian positions near the end. I did lose the northernmost building as the Germans infantry and armor began to coordinate their attacks.
At the end of the game, The Germans managed to obtain 17 Victory Points. The Russians managed to get 26 Victory Points and secured the win.

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