Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pegasus Bridge Campaign Game - NIGHT I

In the still darkness three Horsa Gliders silently glide over the Orne River and into history.
 The path of the three Gliders. All landed safely.
 Right on target!
 The view of the battle at the end of Night I.
 Up the Ox and Bucks!!
 The Ox and Bucks moved quickly to engage the Germans in the Pillbox, the 50L AT Gun and two more 4-3-6's located in the trenches behind wire. The German MMG in the Pillbox promptly rolled an 11 on it's first fire attempt and malf'd. The other 4-3-6 proved to be better at operating their weapons and dealt serious damage to the attacking Brits. It would be 4 full turns before these German Conscript squads succumbed in vicious Close Combats. It would be hard to have asked for more from a bunch of 4-3-6 squads. The game ended on Turn 6 with the British moving into virtually the historical positions of Howard's actual assault.
FINAL CVM: British earned 14 and the Germans earned 8
 The Ox and Bucks stormed the German positions and despite losses continued into Close Combat.
 The German 4-3-6's hung tough and were finally eliminated in brutal Hand to Hand's with the Ox and Bucks.
 Major Howard never wavered in the assault and even when everyone else around him was KIA'd...he not only survived but hardened to a 10-2.
 Major Howard having secured the bridge gives the orders for his men to prepare for next Friday's game...NIGHT II...but now...let's head over to the Cafe Gondree for a nice Earl Grey...
 The Set-up Areas for the next action in this Campaign Game...NIGHT II. (subject to correction...just in case I got some of it wrong.)
And in the nearby villages...the Germans are awakening and preparing to take back Pegasus Bridge....

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