Friday, March 14, 2014

Pegasus Bridge Campaign Game - NIGHT III - Red Berets Forward!!! (Turns 1 & 1/2)

Major Howard continues his assault towards Le Port.
 Meanwhile...for the third time, a successful interrogation shows our young, French Fraulein once more helping the Germans identify some concealed British Paras. But will she betray us once more...only time will tell...
 The British and Germans forces deployed to begin Night III.
 A lone 2-3-7 holds its ground beside a broken Major Howard following a bloody Close Combat which cost the British 1 x 6-4-8 and the Germans an 8-1 Officer and 1 x 4-4-7.
 In the south by the Canal, the British made strong moves towards Benouville. More close combats had both the Germans and then the British firing into the Melee with disastrous results for all concerned.
 The British made a strong attack up the middle to once again secure this area.
 The Germans in Le Port await the full strength of the British assault.
 Benouville is suddenly at great risk as the British Paras emerge from the darkness.
 The Germans in the schoolhouse area are well equipped and preparing to make the British pay dearly for every inch of ground.
 In the North, along the canal, strong, well led British Paras are steadily advancing.
 Help reaches the broken Major Howard and not a minute too soon.
 The view following 1-1/2 turns.
"Hold until relieved....hold until relieved...."

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