Saturday, March 15, 2014

Latest Grumble Jones Scenario - GJ003 The Hornet's Sting

Remember to open in separate window for easiest view. Still working to get better at scenario design. I am always amazed at how well other scenarios are put together and balanced. It's certainly no easy task.


  1. I've tried a couple scenarios WO a lot of success. I would like to get better because there are so many battles I would like to create scenarios for.
    It's tough keeping that balance of historical accuracy and balance and making it a puzzle for the players.

    Nice work btw. I like how you include the pieces.

  2. Thanks! I have played a lot of scenarios over the past 30 years and still marvel at how well balanced the early MMP scenarios are. Proof that play-testing is a critical component to a successful scenario. I'm like you, I read something and think to what a great scenario. Then I research...research and research, then put it on paper...but that's only 50% of what's needed. The other 50% is making something playable and that's certainly where I think I struggle. But I enjoy spending the time doing it and it connects me to ASL when I'm not actually playing.