Wednesday, March 26, 2014

AP41 The Meat Grinder continues...

 Turn 2 and a portion of Turn 3 were completed tonight. The Germans were reinforced with 3MKIII's. The infantry on both sides were content to stay hidden. So tonight was tank duel time!

 The Germans have made a concentrated effort on the Russian right flank. By the end of turn 2-1/2 the Germans had their first victory location. Meanwhile the Russians are waiting patiently for the Germans to move out from cover.

 Over on the Russian left flank, the Germans ran on their 3 MKIII's. The Russian have  2 KVII's ready for them.
The German tanks were largely successful in dealing with the low quality Russian armor in this sector. Both the Germans and the Russians have one tank Shocked. My opponent rolled high on most of his to kill rolls vs. the Russian tanks...hence the Shock.
We will pick up the bottom of Turn 3 next week.

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  1. Really enjoyed playing this scenario, played it twice now.