Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Agony of Impending Defeat...Turns 6 and 7 of On The Road to Andalsnes

 Sometimes in ASL...nothing goes right for you. Tonight was such a night. In fact, I probably shouldn't even blog about tonight as I am still far too raw over the events of turn 6 and 7, which in all probability have sealed my fate and given the Norwegians the victory. Were dice bet they were...
 The cause of my agony...a single Norwegian 4-3-7...
A single Norwegian 4-3-7 stymied my advance and then proceeded to destroy two wagons and  then when I surged into a 3-1 CC against opponent rolled a 3 and eliminated a 4-6-7 and a 4-4-7. This single squad eliminated 10 critically needed victory points. And if I had managed to just roll average in Prep would not have happened...but in my Prep Fire, my three stacks facing this single squad rolled 11, 10, and 11 ensuring that I couldn't do anything against it. I felt confident in CC that I had finally eliminated this pesky squad. My opponent elected to go against my two full squads, needing a 4 with a -1 for Inexperienced...and of course proceeds to roll the three. So cue to Bill Paxton in Aliens..."It's game over over..."
 My contest of wills against the Norwegian 9-2 continues to go against my Germans. I simply cannot get a roll to save my men. And now these badly needed victory points are too far away to exit the board.
We still have three turns left and if all goes well I have 26 Victory points in position to exit...but of course need 30. So I may need to go ahead and give the concession. I've been over the board for a half hour now and can't see a way to get 30 VP off the board. Losing 10 to a single 4-3-7 broke this camel's back...

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  1. Well...I went ahead and emailed my concession, so we can start a new game up on Wednesday. It kills me to do that, but I can't achieve the victory conditions, so might as well move on and get a new game rolling.