Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stumbling in the Dark -- Escape from Velikiye Luki

A few of my exhausted Landsers that escaped the Russian noose...
 1st scenario played with my new SK style Boards 2,3, and 4. I had to retire my original SL boards as they were beginning too show to much wear and tear after 30+ years of service. The colors definitely pop a bit more, but I will have to get used to some of the different building depictions.
 This was also the first time in a long time that I have used the cloaking matrix.

 My survivors led by my intrepid 10-2 who managed to exit the board and give the Germans 5 VP.

 My Russian Arch Nemesis...Yuri Stopunow, a 9-1 mastermind who managed to interdict my escape paths at every turn. We will meet again Yuri...
 Some of the most interesting moves and combats occurred in the dark hills as my diversionary force locked horns with a host of pursuing Russians. The ensuing melees killed Germans and Russians alike before the Germans finally were put down for good.
 A good look at the Russians in the south sector. My opponent did a great job of creating interlocking zones of vision and fire. I could not find an easy way to sneak through. And I also went through a rough patch of rolling 11's which caused me to stray several key units at very inopportune moments in the game.
 The Russians in the center did a good job of tripping up my diversionary and dummy forces. Lots of star shells kept my Germans hustling for the shadows.

An overview of the  German and Russian movements. My first attempt at providing more game flow in my posts. It will get better as I do this more often....(I hope...).

Another great game with Chris Brackney and a tip of the hat for another well-earned victory. We will meet again Yuri...

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  1. Another tense game! (Haven't they ALL been lately?) I love the new 'game-flow' tele-strating feature you previewed in the last picture. Great game and great new blog tech!