Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stop're scaring my horses... (Turn 4 of On the Road to Andalsnes)

 Tonight was a rough one for my advancing Germans as the Norwegian Sniper activated several times with disastrous results for 9-2/4-6-7/MMG combo. The 4-6-7 was quickly reduced to a DM'd 2-4-7 and my most important infantry killer was knocked out of action tonight.
 My wagons continued moving, but a lone Norwegian 4-3-7 has managed to move into position to start blasting some wagons. My 75* Arty finally made his presence felt with a 5 x ROF D-fire that eliminated one 4-5-7 and acquired another. Without the arty, tonight would have been a very bad one for my German infantry.

 My wagons outpaced my supporting infantry with predictable results. We'll see what damage occurs.
 The Norwegian 9-2 with MMG continues to dominate the game now. I didn't have an answer for his chattering machine gun, which broke Germans with impunity.
 The Norwegian sniper is located between my mortar, my 9-2 MMG and my 75* Arty. Every sniper roll raised my blood pressure tonight.
 Range is becoming an issue as my forces move beyond the effective range of my supporting fire.
The Germans will need to clear two main pockets of Norwegians and then make a run for the exit hex.

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