Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Soviet Giants!!! We begin AP41 The Meat Grinder

 Woohooo...I get two of these Bad Boys!!!
 Overview of the positions after the completion of Turn 1. This is my second time playing this scenario and as the Russians. So I hope to employ a bit of what I learned from playing it the last time.
 I set up with a focused defense on the center crossroads. The Germans swung wide to the north and forced me to move both KV-II's and my infantry in order to prevent a complete end around. My 9-1 with the MMG was in the second floor (see DM'd squad above). They got off one good shot which DM'd an 8-0, a 4-6-7 and KIA'd one 4-6-7. But then the German 9-2 laid on 4 ROF shots with the final shot causing the DM of the stack.
 The Germans moved as a group along the north edge. This could be a liability given the short nature of this game. The Germans only have 4 more moves to take buildings. A lot can happen in the next four turns.
 The Germans will move into the factory building, but I don't have a good feel yet for where the Turn 2, platoon of 3 MKIII's will come in...north or south...
 My reinforcing tanks were moved into hull down positions to await the German assault. Let's hope we are positioned well.
My AA/AT gun is still HIP ( can see it...don't give it away). I think I have good coverage in the event of either a north or south assault by the MKIII's...but anything can happen in ASL...

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