Saturday, February 1, 2014

Remembering Maximilian Schell...

 The Young of the fairest depictions of Germans in World War II.
 Captain just couldn't really hate him in the end!
 The Young Lions
 The Young Lions
 Judgement at Nuremburg
 With Marlon Brando in the Young of the best WWII films out there.
and as General Bittrich in A Bridge too Far.


  1. Nice tribute. He was a great actor. I just finished watching him as Peter in the 1980s miniseries Peter the Great. It was a terrific performance - he was a big man, with a lot of energy, just right for the role. He also did ordinary people well - the father in Deep Impact, for example.
    I didn't know about The Young Lions, I should track that film down, looks interesting.

    1. I liked him in Deep Impact as well. I stuck to his military subjects due to the nature of this blog, but of course his range as an actor was far greater than just playing German officers.

      The Young Lions has some great small action scenes of Germans vs. French in 1940, and Germans vs. British in the Desert. Marlon Brando does a fine turn as a German officer coming to terms with the madness of Nazism. Really is a fine movie overall.