Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wagons HO!!! 2014 Begins!!! On the Road to Andalsnes - A31

My regular Wednesday night opponent and I have kicked off our 2014 year with A31- On the Road to Andalsnes. I drew the Germans and am now engaged in moving 6 wagons through the Norse high country. Many thanks to Yockbo's Boardgame Blog for his AAR of this scenario. It gave me a good head start on getting my wagons moving in the right direction.
 My wagons after 2 turns haven't made quite the progress I would liked to have seen, but on the plus side the Norwegian 4-3-7's that were holding up the works have been routed.
 A Norwegian 4-3-7 was reduced to a captured half-squad after two turns. My troops can now move forward to start clearing a path for the wagons.
 There are some more Norwegians waiting on the next hill. We'll see if there are any dummy stacks in the mix.
 Manhandling the 75 hasn't gone exactly peachy...but hopefully by turn 10 I'll have it moved to a position of some usefulnesss!!!
 On the east side, I managed to clear the resistance on the hill with the help of my opponents "12" on his K/2 morale check.
The Norwegian roadblock awaits flanked on either side by dug in Norwegian machine gun teams. Should be a fun time!!!


  1. It's always refreshing to see people playing Germans equipped with wagons rather than with King Tigers. This looks like it would make an interesting miniaturees scenario.

  2. That's a great idea Michael. The biggest challenge would be creating the 4 level high hills. Otherwise, it would be a nice fit for miniatures.