Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Get'em up...move 'em out...RAWHIDE!!! - On the Road to Andalsnes continues!!!

 Turns 2 and 3 were completed tonight and 4 is the German wagon train continues to wind it's way through the Norwegian high country.
 I finally managed to manhandle my 75* onto the 2nd level hill, where I can begin sending some gifts to the Norwegians on the level 4 hills.
 Back on the east half, my troops managed to clear the hills of Norwegian resistance, but their sniper managed to break a half-squad. My 9-2 has moved into position to provide fire support for the boys on the west side of the map. But range is becoming an issue, so he will probably have to relocate soon.
 The Norwegian 9-2 finally revealed himself and did huge damage to my German Landsers. I was just inside of his range with my 9-1 and 2 x 4-6-7's....4 factors at -1 ...the roll...SNAKE EYES...1 KIA took out a 4-6-7 and DM'd the rest. Next roll a 4, +1 MC  reduces the remaining 4-6-7 and then the next ROF roll is a 5 and another +1 MC that finishes off the 2-4-7 and wounds my 9-1. Satisfied...the 9-2 decided not to take his next ROF shot. It was definitely a hard hit on my west flank, but hopefully, I can regain the momentum and keep on chugging!

The fighting in the east is pretty much done. I will now shift everyone to the west and we make our run for the exit hex.
My wagons survived all the fire aimed at them and are now moving towards the bypass route. And my infantry are surging alongside to keep them protected. My 8-0 is making like Alvarez Kelly and will keep them wagons moving!
The Norwegian 9-1 stands between my wagon train and home base. We will be working hard to eliminate him in the next turns.


  1. One of the things that I enjoy most about this blog are the scenario-specific real life pictures you post with them. +++
    Q: Are the Wagons denied the use of Gallop in this scenario? A risky proposition at times, but always something to remember! HYAAAH!!!

    1. Wow...I hadn't thought of that. I will have to research that and keep it for a final bolt to the finish line. Right now I have about 7 more turns of movement, so have plenty of time to exit at the normal movement rate...and I need my infantry to get caught up to deter Norwegians from moving down to harass the wagons.