Friday, January 31, 2014

Crocodile Flames and Bayonets...

 My Germans managed to hold on tonight in a fierce contest that came down to the final turn. A series of desperate Close Combats in the Northern part of the battlefield slowed down the Canadians long enough to require the Crocodile to head North and like obliterated the Germans with a flood of liquid flame...but their sacrifice gave the defenders in the South desperately needed time.
 Battle's end. The Canadians made their final attempts to reach a 4th Victory Location and claim the victory. The Crocodile had moved South to assist, but lacked the movement to help secure the final location on the west edge. A lone 4-5-7 managed to get adjacent, but was broken by the final D-Fire shot of the German 9-1 and HMG.  It was that close...
 Canadian victory in the North. Only a German 7-0 survived from the Northern force. The others had all perished either by Canadian Artillery, Canadian flame and Canadian bayonets.
 The road did indeed become a road of death for both Canadian and German forces. The German 37L AA gun earned MVP honors and perhaps more than any other German asset made possible tonight's victory.
 In the end, the battle had become a chess game as Germans tried to put squads where they were most needed and the Canadians tried to consolidate their firepower on the final objective.
  In Hex E1 is a German 4-6-7 that was a battle-hardened 4-4-7 that managed to stop the final Canadian effort to reinforce their assault on the final victory location.
 In the final shot of the game the 9-1 succeeded in breaking the final Canadian squad that still had a chance to secure the final victory location.
In our post battle review, we both agreed that one of the pivotal moments in the battle came when the Crocodile had to change its southward movement to return to the north to eliminate pesky Germans who had tied up far too many Canadian infantry, who were needed in the southern push. And in fact, had the Crocodile had one more move, it would have reached and possibly destroyed the German force in the final victory location. A great game and great fun to play. I am now mentally exhausted and shall retire to bed...


  1. A tip of the hat for a well deserved win! Make sure that posthumous Iron Crosses are handed out to the 5-4-8 and 4-4-7 who sold their lives so dearly in the north! I believe their tenacity changed everything.

    1. Thanks Big Kansas! Last night's Turns 5-7 was just fantastic ASL. The Crocodile performed exactly as feared. There was just no surviving it's fiery blasts! No wonder German infantry surrendered upon seeing them enter the battle. Bratwurst is best experienced with Pommes Frites and a side of spicy mustard!!

  2. I love your use of historical photos in your posts. Those German faces are haunting.

    1. Thanks Michael. I love the historical narrative of ASL and that has always been the biggest attractor to playing it for these past 30 years. Connecting in some small way with the actual historical event is a special part of the game.