Friday, January 24, 2014

CAW# 9 - Stiff Resistance continues...Canadians Forward!!

 Alarm...alarm...the Crocodile has crossed the Turns 3 and 4 were completed.
 The Canadians smoked the German positions, broke the German AT Crew and surged across the bridge with minimal losses. The only bright spot for the Germans was the immobilization of the Sherman in the north as it attempted to extend its max movement.
 The Germans fell back to the fortified location in the north and the Canadians followed with a major melee in progress. The result of this melee will determine how quickly the Canadians win the Northern Victory Locations.
 In the center, the Germans are attempting to create a "corridor of death" (whose remains to be seen!!). The Canadians continue to harass the 37L AA Gun with a mortar and the main Canadian Infantry effort is at the top of the corridor and preparing for the assault south.
 The Sherman in the south has moved into a strategic position to put fire on my southern defenses and to provide smoke to cover the main assault from the north.
 There are three victory locations in the south and I can't afford to lose any of them, so I will have to find a way to extend my forces and cover these locations as well as possible. My forces are stretched thin so it could be "dicey" at the end. A lot will depend on what the Crocodile does. Bratwurst anyone?

One more look at the North...I just hope my Germans in the North don't end up the like Robb Starke's Men of the North...and no...winter might not be coming...but that nasty green dragon fire contained in a Crocodile is definitely coming...I just hope my Panzerfaust Party Favors are on target!!! Can't wait for Turn 5...

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