Friday, January 3, 2014

Borisov...a Battle for the Ages!!!

 After a holiday hiatus, we picked up Borisov with the bottom of turn 8 and the top of turn 9. The Germans moved up their mopping up forces from the south. They will be needed to shore up the German positions in the center and north.
 In the far north, the Russians ran down the remaining broken 4-6-7 and captured them. The German Stug is still working hard to fix it malf'd main armament. The Russians are hoping it stays broken!!!
 The Hotel Solidarity remains the primary Russian bastion. More Russian troops moved into the building to use it's 2nd floor as a firing platform and to avoid attack from the two German Stukas that continue to circle overhead.
 The German 10-3 sits on the burning hulk of the last Russian tank, which it helped to destroy in CC. The Russian tank had just destroyed the last remaining MKIII...but the glory was fleeting...Now the Russian 10-2 and German 10-3 are preparing to take this battle to its final conclusion.
 In the south center...a single Russian 6-2-8 remains...having survived a Stuka attack, an overrun by a German tank and multiple shots from the surrounding German infantry and halftracks. They will not go quietly into the good night.
 The Germans finally cleared the Russians from the woods with the use of two demo charges and massed fire from all sides. However, one Russian Squad went beserk and will go out in a blaze of glory in the next Russian movement.
A view from one of the German Stukas as it flies overhead....patiently waiting to attack its next unsuspecting Russian prey.

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