Friday, December 13, 2013

Bloody Borisov Rages on...with the end of Turn 7 and beginning of Turn 8

Borisov continues to be an exhausting, exhilarating, maddening and just plain fun bit of ASL. Each turn brings new challenges and completely unexpected events.

 My Russians have fought hard, but more and more are facing a future of captivity...
 In the South, the Ukrainians went down fighting and took a full German squad with them. For 7 turns they held the village crossroads. Couldn't have asked for more...
 The Germans now have uncontested control of boards 2 and 5.
 The AT Gun on Hill 498 peppered the Russians with fire, but has yet to get a good hit. The German infantry in the area have all been broken, excepting the squad in Melee with a halfsquad caught in a VBM freeze.
 The Germans sent some softskins units to secure Board 1.
 Two of the German tanks,  the 38T and the Stug broke their main armaments. This was a fortunate stroke of luck for the Russians. Now only one German MKIII has a fully functioning main armament.
 In the far north, a lone Russian officer is pursuing a broken German 4-6-7...trying to ensure that it remains DM'd.
 The Stukas made another successful strafing run.  Despite this, the German 10-3 in the North was successfully captured along with his 4-6-7 and the HMG. The Russians can now focus their energies on the southern sector!!!
 In the southern end of the village, the end is coming for my surrounded Russians. They have put up a great fight...but time and superior German firepower is going to rule the day.
 The German MKIII performed an overrun attack and managed to break the Russians forcing them back in to the Hotel Solidarity. A beserk Soviet squad is lining up for a CC attack on the German MKIII.
 The Germans managed to get some squads across the roads, but a few were forced back.

A view of the Germans that made it across the road and will be putting extreme pressure on the Russians trapped in the pocket.

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