Saturday, November 9, 2013

Turn 4 -- the Bloody Fight for Borisov continues!!!

 Down in the south, my Ukrainian conscripts continue to hunker down as the German Panzer closes in for the kill. Your sacrifice will not be in vain my comrades.
 At the southern cross roads, the Soviet Tankers are prepping for a fight. The remaining conscripts have finally made it into the village to provide some much needed infantry support as a strong German force circles for the kill.
 The Germans grabbed control of the key hills and and it will be tough duty to remove their control.
 The most critical piece of ground in this entire battle is now the scene of a titantic...yes TITANTIC struggle between 3 Russian Tanks and a lone Stug. So far the Stug is hanging tough and might even finish off the entire platoon.
 In the village, the Russians are streaming to the point of contact. Unfortunately, the Germans control the hard terrain and the Russians are fighting from the lesser terrain with predictable results. But the sheer number of Russians may eventually help push the line forward. We shall see...

 The Germans have successfully massed a strong group of 8-3-8s in the stone buildings. They are the undisputed masters of the village center. Still trying to work out a way to knock them back.
 Turn 4 ended with a hand to hand fight in the main stone building. The Germans were defeated by a snake eyes result for the Russians. And in advance, the main Soviet force entered the building.
And finally, the standoff between a German Halftrack (w/37L) and my lumbering KV-II ended in disaster for both. The Germans managed a deliberate immobilization, but celebrations ended abruptly as 152MM shell smashed the halftrack with a snake eyes result. Sadly, the Russians were not able to finish their vodka toast to their fallen foe as the German 10-2 stack landed on their rear and destroyed them in a fiery Close Combat. So the remaining KV-1 moved quickly back in order to train his guns on the German 10-2 stack and a German 8-3-8 with the flamethrower. Yet another standoff in the wilds of Russia to be resolved next week...

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