Friday, November 15, 2013

The next Chapter in Bloody Borisov...of Mice & wait...of Stukas and Snipers...that's the ticket!!!

 Tonight's battle saw the completion of Turn 5. The size of this game results in about 3-4 hours needed to complete each turn. The scene above shows the fighting in the south. The Russians had concentrated in the village crossroads in an effort to secure Board 2 for the Russians. The Germans came in strong with infantry pressure to the front and a Stuka dive bomb attack on the tanks. The 500 lb. bomb was a direct hit and the Russians were quickly down a tank in this sector of the battle. The 4-2-6 Conscripts gave a good account of themselves. They managed to rout one German squad and locked another in melee. Delay is the name of the game in this here's to hoping the Ukranian Conscripts keep up the good work. But the Bavarian Boys are Turn 6 might get a little rough.
 Further south, the German tank knocked out the two Russian Conscripts hiding in the foxholes. It was quickly joined by the German armored car. Turn 6 may see these two join forces and head north to inflict more agony on the Russians.
 Another look of the Conscripts in the south. Here's hoping they have a good Turn 6.
 Another Stuka....yep...this one came in and saved the Stug by knocking out the final tank of this 3 tank platoon. German infantry took out the other Russian Tank in Close Combat.
 Back on Board 3, the battle raged hot as the Germans and Russians traded body blows. The Germans landed more punches and the Russians were reduced to digging foxholes to prepare a secondary line.
 Back in the north-center, the Russian tank in this sector got moving again and will help shore up the crumbling line.
 The Soviets consolidated their hold on the main building and are now working to contain the German 10-2 on the hill to the north. The German sniper dogged the Russians in the woods. The Soviet Officer was wounded after the second sniper attack. The Soviet sniper was also active and managed to KIA a German 9-2 officer.
 The tank duel in the north ended with the German tank blazing. This was one of the good moments for the Russians tonight. Such moments were few and far between.
 In the northeast, the Russians moved quickly to recover an abandoned MMG.
A last view of the fight in the north around the main building. The battle may well be decided here.

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