Friday, November 1, 2013

The Battle for Borisov Rages on...Completed Turn 3 tonight and what a turn...

 On the southern front, my Russkie Conscripts found themselves with a significant German force bearing down on their conscript backsides. What to do what to do....DIG IN...that's what you do and my Russikies got busy digging foxholes. I have no officers in this my Conscripts are very much on their own. Their new mission...tie up Germans for as long as possible before dying for the Motherland.

 My tanks on Board 2 are staying in place for the moment, but I am hoping to send some help their way. Some more conscripts are also headed their way to assist in holding the cross roads.

 The strangest turn of events tonight was the activation of the Soviet Sniper which resulted in the death of the German 7-0 manning the Artillery Radio. Unbelievable and potentially game changing for one of the German OBA's best assets. ASL never fails to amaze.
 Back on Board 3, the Soviet heavy tanks finally rolled into position. The KV2 managed to move the German 9-1 group off the opposite village hill, which in turn allowed the Russian horde to finally move up and onto the Line of Scrimmage.

 And let it not be said...that ASL can be predicted. Last week, I believed the German MKIV was going to knock out my entire platoon. I was wrong... My platoon kept moving, stopped, survived D-Fire and then in Advancing Fire knocked out the MKIV.
Moving the German 9-1 stack off the level 2 hill was a good move, but there a lot of juicy Russian stacks that may suffer in the coming German Turn 4 Prep. The German MKIII 50 fixed its broken Main Armament, but then broke the bow machine gun. But at this stage of the game, the Main Armament is critical.

Another critical turn of events came with the destruction of the German MKIII 50 in the center of board 3. The supporting German halftrack was then stunned by Soviet advancing fire and then destroyed in CC by the 9-2 Russian stack. This allowed the Russians to push forward and begin gathering for the assault on the stone building.

Rough sledding ahead for both Germans and Russians as they both converge on the ground floor of the stone building.

Looking south down the line from Board 4 & 5. The forces have finally collided. Now we see what happens in Turn 4.


  1. Your Reds really redeemed themselves in front of their Commissars in the last turn. I can see that I will really have to bring my 'A-game' to Turn 4 in order to salvage my line. Great scenario that keeps getting better a it progresses!

    1. We have really had it all...artillery, foxhole digging, tank vs tank. Halftracks vs infantry, snipers gone crazy, ATR's, Cossacks...and we still have Stukas yet to make an appearance. This might be the EPIC game of 2013!!