Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Frustrating Conclusion of OA32 The Riley Shuffle

Oh...the agony of yet another loss...some days I get really tired of losing. This is especially true when the side you get in a scenario often determines your fate from the get go. The Riley Shuffle is a great scenario and plays very quickly. That said, ROAR shows it to be a very tough one for the Americans. And I can certainly confirm that assessment.
 A last look at the agony of my Riley Shuffle...The German Tigers absolutely pummeled me. My shots bounced repeatedly off their turrets. I attempted smoke and rolled too no smoke...oh...except that smoke streaming from my gutted tanks.
 Evil Tiger#1...destroyer of my dreams of victory...
 Evil Tiger crew continued to defy them with taunts and rock throwing...
My infantry performed brilliantly. The German infantry were pushed back...but alas the Tigers ruled the day.

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