Friday, November 22, 2013

Borisov Rages on as we Work our Way through Turn 6

We managed to complete roughly a turn and 1/2 tonight. It was a subdued turn with lots of fire, but also lots of no results and lots of made morale checks. The Germans made some very strong moves to get behind the main Russian line with their remaining armor. And the battle for the village in the south is reaching its crescendo as the German infantry move in for the final kill. In the North, the Russians cemented their hold on the two story building. And the German 10-2 finds himself in a bit of a sticky wicket as the Russians slowly begin to surround him. So even though this turn was subdued, it laid the groundwork for some exciting combat as we near the final turns of this awesome scenario.
 So you might be wondering...why is the Russian tank near moving to exit the board rather than standing firm back at the southern crossroads. Well...a lovely boxcars broke the main armament as I attempted to intensive fire some Germans bent on destroying me in close combat. So the tank was recalled and will soon escape the battle altogether. Major bummer...

 The battle in the village has been far more interesting than I had anticipated. My conscripts have made a good account of themselves by breaking the Germans and hanging tough in the close combats. But I fear the end is drawing nigh...
 The Soviet tank did manage to break some mounted Germans due to collateral fire. We really have experienced just about everything in this massive scenario.

 The Germans gained complete control of Hill 498 and their armor has swung around behind the Russians. I anticipate this causing me some grief in the next couple of turns.

 Hill the property of the Drittes Reich.

 The German Stug left Hill 498 and is now advancing towards my second to last tank. Again...the future looks bleak for my little tank.

 In the center of the Board 3 village the battle continues to rage as both lines trade fire. 

 Up in the far north, my squad managed to recover the MMG, but then found themselves threatened by German 10-2 stack on the hill.

 The dreaded German 10-2 stack has now been surrounded.
The Russians have a solid hold on the 2 story stone house and hope to turn it into our primary base of fire. This game continues to be a blast.

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