Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A032 The Riley Shuffle - Turns 1 and 2

Managed to get back into the regular Wednesday night ASL grind with the start of A032 The Riley Shuffle.
 I drew the Americans and launched my attack from three directions. Two assaults came from the top of the village and one from the bottom right road into the village. In each case, my erstwhile opponent had roadblocks placed correctly to intercept me. The only opening to the village held by the initial Tiger Tank. I positioned two of my Fireflies to interdict the arrival of the second Tiger...but alas to no avail. I kept hitting the turret and watching my shots bounce off. One Sherman has already brewed up and I am anticipating another will shortly.
 A face off between Sherman and Tiger at the stone wall. This can only end badly for me.
 In the village my limited infantry are moving forward supported by the many half-tracks available to the Americans.
 A look at my approach from the top of the village. The first German Tiger moved aggressively against two of my Shermans and things are looking bad from my perspective.
A better view of the standoff which again may end badly for the Shermans.

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