Saturday, October 26, 2013

U25 Breakout from Borisov...the fight continues!

 Chris and I started back up on the Breakout from Borisov after a weeks lull in the fighting. But this gave me time to get my Rat Charts from ASL Battleschool and they proved to be pretty handy as the night wore on.
 Now those of you who follow my blog, know that I don't have a sterling record of wins. I play ASL because I really....really enjoy the game and the historical era it encompasses. That said, I have begun to notice that I am something of a conservative know...think Elias Koteas in the Thin Red Line trying to argue with Nick Nolte that he just can't send any more men forward. Well...I have a little bit of that going on. And it definitely can be a liability when you need to occupy ground quickly. So far in this game I've been too much General Lucas at Anzio and not enough Rommel at Gazala. What does that means boys and girls that the Germans got to the objectives before I did...and that is going to mean some hard times in the coming turns for my Russkies.
 So here we see the primary point of contact. Now notice the Germans have covered the length of two boards (keep in mind their turn 1 movement was halved by special rule). And the Russians have just covered one board...YIKES. Chris and I discussed and he definitely observed that I am moving a bit too cautiously, which may cost me down the road. And I can't argue...when my 9 movement point KV-2 has moved further than my infantry (and he went uphill)...that could be a problem...
 The Russians are strung out on Board 4. The German MMG Team with 9-1 on the village hill played havoc on me as I moved up. And this is when I started hunkering down.
 And here we are looking at the main building objective...the world famous two story building on board 3...the scene of countless hand-to-hand combats over the past 30 years. And doggone it...the Germans are going to beat me to it. Oh the shame... this picture is at the end of German movement, so the German 8-1 group will move into the building in advance. I did have a shot at them with a pinned 4-4-7 as they moved in the open...a 1 shot at -2....what did I roll you ask...ah...grasshopper...I rolled a it is time for you to go grasshopper...

And Chris proves again that he is not afraid to be bold. His ably led MKIV (after destroying two other tanks) moved to stop an entire platoon of Russian tanks. And here is a lesson that I have been learning the hard way in this scenario. Leaving your tanks in's not a smart play. Defensive fire was impossible and because they are in Prep Fire option either. So boys and girls I predict next week's picture will show a nice row of flipped over Russian tanks. But no matter how it or lose...there is nothing like a great game of ASL. Can't wait for next Friday.

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