Friday, October 11, 2013

U25 Breakout from Borisov!!! The Battle Begins!

 Christopher Brackney and I started U25 tonight. And for the uninitiated this is a big boy...deluxe! The Russians have nearly 54 squads in this bad boy. I drew the Russians and Chris moved onto the map first with a nice sized German force.  The pic above depicts a BT26 (I think) burning and after the first 1-1/2 turns...this is exactly what we have on our map as well.
 This game consists of the original 5 Boards from Squad Leader and Cross of Iron. Chris and I both went old school and used our old, beat up...nearly 30 year old boards. I even had trouble reading the hexes as my row X had worn out and looked more like Y's when I was moving across that row on board 4.
 This is a view of the Russians surging CX from the East Edge of Board 4. Tanks moved up via platoon movement, while stacks of Russian infantry ran forward as fast as possible. The center of Board 3 is going to be the scene of some brutal combat in the coming turns.
 The Germans made great progress after navigating the twists and turns of Board 1. They quickly seized the key hill overlooking the village and sent a strong probing force onto Board 2. The German strength is their ability to move quickly. This may prove to be the most important advantage as we both try to control at least 3 of the 5 boards in play.
 Things are quiet to the North, but the Germans have taken the hills first. Strong Russian tanks are lumbering forward...but moving tooooooo slowly.
 X marks the spot. The twin hills in this area may prove to be the most important ground in the battle.

 I threw some infantry forward to occupy and dig in on Board 5, just to give me some points and give me control for as long as possible.
 An overhead looking from East to West shows the huge wave of Russians moving forward. A collision with the Germans looks to happen very soon...
 Another look at the point of contact where Boards 3 and 4 meet.

 A lone German MKIII is taking on 6 Russian tanks and a whole lot of infantry. Some bad-ass dudes in that Panzer!
 My game room. Now that my children are 19 and 17...this room has ceased to be Playmobil Central and is now dedicated to ASL!!!
 My set-up. Using my IPAD2 for the whole SKYPE event with the camera aimed at the dice cup. Worked very well. I hooked up an additional speaker to help me hear better. The microphone worked great. Chris could even hear me rooting around in my counter trays.
When your first name is get the occasional gift related to said name.

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