Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Huh...You mean I win...Woohoo...AP35 A Lesson for Lehr in in the record books finally...

It took a while, but AP35 is finally finished. It was a hard fought game from the beginning. The Germans were still knocking me around up until the last turn. A German 8-3-8 managed to get adjacent to two of my Shermans and knocked out both with a captured Bazooka...dang that really hurt.
  A look at the US left where the strongest German effort was made. The German infantry surged forward in Turn 7 and rushed the village. The Shermans managed to send them reeling backwards. Only one German squad...the tough 8-3-8 made it into the village and announced its presence with two flaming Shermans.
 On the far left, the US forces were in solid position and the Germans never threatened.
 The reserve German armor never made it into the battle.
 On the US center and right, things got a little dicey, but the M10 anchored the end of the line and the reserves were coming up in time to deal with the tough 8-3-8.
Without the Shermans, the Germans would surely have taken the game.


  1. Looks like a very fun scenario. I'm just curious about the caption below Pic#3. Why were the German AFV reserves unable to join/affect the battle? Too far to travel, or not enough MPhs to do so? HIP BAZ squads still unaccounted for? Previous Bogs, or Withdrawing AFV screen? I haven't played this or looked at the card. It just struck me as a potentially integral part of the German OOB, and in this playing it never really entered the equation. Would be interesting to hear!

    1. They ran out of turns and didn't move quickly enough. My opponent probably could have moved them in his final phase, but conceded the game after blowing up one more of my Shermans.