Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AP35 Continued...Lehr in der Schule!

 YEAH!!! My MLR is still holding and my 6 squads of reinforcements are hoofing up to the front.
 The Germans are making a huge push on my left flank. I'm down to 2 squads here with three German mega-stacks approaching.
 My center held tough and repulsed the first German infantry thrust with 1 squad pinned, 1 squad broken and 1 squad KIA. Not too bad. My 57L continues to plink off the Panther's armor, but the Panther hasn't been able to hit me squarely yet either. 4 turns down. M10's are in place and will make things hot for the Panzers.
 A look at the main German infantry assault. They are going to be tough to stop.
A look at the German center. It's basically becoming a car lot with half-tracks, tanks and armored cars jamming up the bocage lanes.

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