Wednesday, August 7, 2013

AP 35 A Lesson for Lehr -- Bocage Busting in Progress!!!

 These Hombres are moving towards my positions...
 I drew the Americans for this one and was happy to be defending after several recent games where I was the hapless attacker.
 The Germans concentrated in the middle with both Pumas running along the parallel roads on board 54. The Panthers came on and moved one on board 54 and the other on board 55. My HIP 57L scored a hit...but couldn't penetrate.
 My infantry on the right will soon be heading to the left where the Germans are massing their assault.
 I think I can see where the Germans intend to attack...and I don't have much to stop 'em with...
 The Pumas knocked out both of my half-tracks with ease...but didn't move up and take a chance from my bazookas.
 A last look at the left flank. My 1-2-7 crew, which successfully bailed from their half-track are going to move forward and try to slow up some of the Germans...wish 'em luck....

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