Wednesday, July 10, 2013

AP50 Panzergeist...

 Overview of the maps. Very interesting move to contact scenario. I decided to hold back 2 of my JSII's to keep my 76L Arty happy and to sweep the hills in front...should the Germans poke their noses out.
 Close up look of my hilltop watchers.
 My 9-1 stormed up the opposite level 3 hill and will secure it for VC and then use his MMG to rain death on the reverse slope of the other hill where the Germans are massing.
 The contest for the main level 3 hill is beginning to shape up. All of my T-34's went straight in. The Germans beat me to the clump of trees, but in PREP I managed to rout all but one pinned squad. So I may have a chance to build up some local superiority before making a mass assault up the hill.
Close up look of the jumping off points for both sides as we look up to the level 3 and much future bloodshed.

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