Friday, June 14, 2013

Ready to Head to Texas...

Well...the big day is nearly here...but I am headed down early to see some of Texas and then start rolling dice at the Texas ASL Tournament. I am scared to death...really...I've never been in a tournament of any kind...just hoping I don't look too foolish...but looking forward to some great gaming...hope to hit the ground fighting!!!


  1. You will have a blast. My wife and I envy you.

    She was telling me last night that she would rather go to Texas or Socal than Cleveland. She loves the heat.

    Don't sweat it. Folks will make you feel right at home. Good bunch down there. Have met a bunch of them at ASLOk.

    Good gunning!

    1. Thanks Chris. One of your previous posts convinced me to participate. I'm looking forward to four days of glorious ASL! And I will be using my Buda pack dice!

  2. May you Roll low and meet friendly opponents.