Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Winter Melee - Turns 6 and 7

 OK...turns 6 and 7 went down tonight. I started the night rolling very badly and finished rolling a bit more average...which I desperately needed to do as my Russian surge came through the west end of the village.
 On the far eastern edge, a single German half-track has been tormenting a lone 8-0 and 5-2-7. But they are still in the fight and have managed to keep this German asset far from the real action.
 Back at Castle 9-2 things went sour for the Germans. The broken HMG was destroyed with a 6 and one 4-6-7 failed to rally four times in a row. I have managed to DM them each turn by firing on their hex. Meanwhile my two squads in the house were broken and are cowering on the first floor. I managed to get another 5-2-7 in the house and they are in Melee with another German 4-6-7 on the ground floor. So turn 8 will be interesting.
 Back on the Western edge of the village, good things came to the Russians as they managed to eliminate both 8-1 stacks. A beserk 3-2-8 took out the Northern 8-1 in CC and also died in the resulting carnage. The 8-1 in the south was broken and left behind a pinned 4-6-7 which died in the following Close Combat. So the Russians are gaining momentum.
Sadly for Ivan...there are just too many broken squads and not enough officers to rally them in the 3 turns that remain. I fear the Germans will hold on to Castle 9-2 and win the day.

But I won't find out for another two this time next week...I'll be in Texas for the Texas ASL Tournament.

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