Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Winter Melee - Turn 5

 Well Turn 5 was a rough turn for both Fritz and Ivan alike. Whatever the Germans shot at seemed to break or pin and likewise for the Russians. The average morale check was hovering at 9.5 for a while. So neither of us could complain too much as the dice were beating up both of us.

 The Russians finally took the hill and captured the German MMG after the Germans were eliminated for failure to route. So far the only success I have had in this game. But it might just be the moment when the momentum begins to shift.
 The German 8-1 on the south edge of the village has been hanging tough the entire game. I hope to put some serious pressure on him in Turn 6 and 7.
 The German 9-2 broke the HMG and then broke himself and one squad. So up the stairs went the Russians. My biggest problem is that I have 4 broken squads with no officers to rally them. These guys were meant to support the two squads in the house. I have to hope that the 9-2 doesn't fix the gun and rally the one broken squad. Even he does...I'm pretty much done for.

My 10-2 remains trapped by the Half-track but continues to plug away at the German 9-2.

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