Monday, June 24, 2013

21st Annual Texas Team Tournament

 This year's T-Shirt for the Tournament. Very nice!
 As this was my first tournament, I had no expectations that I would even win a game, let alone win an award...The Audie Murphy Award for most Snake-Eyes...still can't believe it. 
And for the tournament as a whole, I was 2 wins and 3 losses and my team of Gary Trezza, Daniel Virobik. A huge shout-out to these great opponents, who taught me much and who I am so happy to have met: Dan Best, Mike Bistodeau, Doyle Motes, Matt Shostak, Roy Connelly, Phillip Johnson, and David Longstreet. And a huge thanks to Rick Reinesch for all your work in making the tournament such a joy to be a part of.
 Screenshot from MM25 Futile Bravery -- an epic game that went from 8:30 AM to nearly 6:30 PM.
 MM25 -- looking down at the bridge over which so many Russian and German lives were lost...thank goodness only in cardboard!
 If you don't have this scenario, I highly recommend obtaining the Commissar Pack - ASL March Madness 2nd Ed. Full of outstanding scenarios!
 Rick conducts the Saturday raffle.

Last game of the Tournament for me: Holding the Rear. A great game and a great way to end my first tournament. Chris Doary...thanks for encouraging me to attend. Very glad that I did.


  1. Glad you survived. I've never played in any tournaments. Congrats on the wins and glass.

    1. Thanks! I would highly recommend attending one, if you are ever interested. I was pretty nervous on day 1, but by the end of it, was sorry it was over.

      My best gut check moment came on Saturday morning, when Rick told me that I had to play Matt Shostak next. I ELR'd right there!!! Matt was a great gentleman though and didn't make me suffer long as I lost a fun game to his considerable skill.