Saturday, May 4, 2013

Start of a Winters Melee

 I drew the Russians and set the Partisans to moving towards Hill 522 to gather for a thrust towards the village from there.
 My Cossacks came on in three groups.
 The Germans set up according to the setup demonstrated in the March-April 1979 issue of the General which reviewed all of the scenarios for the original Cross of Iron.
 A close up look at my Partisans.
 Good view of the Cossacks first move onto the battlefield. Not really sure what I'm won't pretend here...
 I sent a group of Cossacks this way and really don't know what the heck I was thinking...
Here is the real boogeyman of this scenario. This dude with his HMG is my biggest worry. One Cossack squad went KIA under this officer's watchful gaze.

 As normal...I rolled poorly tonight and had plenty of DM's squads among both the Cossacks and the Partisans. My average morale check tonight was 8.2...not going cut it over the long haul.

 My primary Cossack group is moving to pressure hill 522 and the village from the south while the Partisans go after the same group from the north. At least that's the plan...
My Partisans gave it a shot on turn 2 and got DM'd across the board and so routed back. Range is going to be a bit of a problem for me.
 Hard to believe I was once again referring to a magazine I first read when I was 14 years old...

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