Saturday, April 13, 2013

Victory is Life..oh how sweet it is!

 The final events of Victory is Life begin. Following a good Rally Phase, my escaping Italian Alpini HQ officers are ready to sprint off the board.
 Back at the old HQ, my lone Hero's lonely rearguard action comes to a sad end as he is killed in CC with two 6-2-8's. His actions throughout the game tied up 2 T-34's and 2 6-2-8's. So he certainly did his job and then some.
 The Soviets shifted two T-34's and one went south to harass my under performers, and the other straddled the crossroads to shell Italians in the houses to the north.
 My boys in the south finished the game huddled in the woods. They helped me out by not becoming CVP for the Russians.
 In the east, I began concentrating to go after the 6-2-8's . The game ended before these forces got down to brass tacks.
 A last look at the overall western theater of operations.
A last look at the exit path. Of the 8 Alpini officers who made a run for it...6 made it to safety. A 10-2 was KIA'd and the 6+1 was broken and never rallied...but the other guys didn't like having him around anyway...

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