Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Victory is Life --- another 1/2 turn down...

 ASL is one of those amazing games that can tax you mentally like almost nothing else. We only got in a 1/2 turn tonight...but I still feel mentally drained. So much happened in that 1/2 turn that may decide the eventual victor of this contest.

We start with image above which shows the chosen exit path for my escaping Italian Staff Officers. I debated whether or not to sit tight and do some fighting...and then thought no...that would just allow more Russians to arrive on the scene. In the Rally Phase, the Russians rolled a "6" on the repair for the T-34 Main Armament. That was great news and emboldened me to go for it in Movement Phase. I launched in two phases. My 9-2 led two squads in a CC attack on the T-34 with a functioning main armament. I took some tough hits and ended up with Pinned squads and a broken 9-2, but one squad made it onto the tank. I didn't roll well enough in CC, but I did manage to use up the T-34's fire...excepting the 2 factor residual from the MG's.

So I launched my Staff Officer in a CX fuel dash for safety. The residual fire did me in though...1 10-2 KIA'd and the rest broken....BROKEN...yeah....!!!!  So in Rout Phase 3 of my broken officers escaped and 2 more made in Advance Phase. So out of 8 officers, 1 was KIA and 2 are pinned in the road...fate yet to be determined. 

So now...I'd better rally those boys post haste...but I'm feeling pretty good...
 The action on the Northeast front remained fairly static. Lots of fire traded but no results. My hero with his ATR continues to live another turn!!! Viva Italia!!!!
 My under performers in the Southwest corner made some slight adjustments to stay out of harms way and maybe interdict some Russian moves towards my exit route.
 Another look at the exit route. The Russians are definitely beginning to close in. I did move my remaining Stug adjacent to the third T-34 in the area to distract it and to DM the broken 4-4-7s, which had been in the house. Their DM counter shows where they routed to.

A last look at the exit route showing all the final moves and the luckless dudes who are pinned in the street. The next turns should be very interesting!


  1. Wow. Just admiring all your excellent work on this site, and enjoying it every bit. Well done.

    1. Thank you. Sites like yours have certainly inspired me.