Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Victory is Life Map issue...

Wow...a first in my ASL playing occurred this evening as we completed another turn of this excellent scenario. As you know, I play via SKYPE with my best friend and life long ASL opponent in St. Louis, MO. We both have the entire scenario set up at both ends. Well, he wanted to conduct a bypass with a T-34 through Hex F3 on board# 42. Now my version of board 42 is on the card stock, while my opponent's is the hard backed version. I placed the counter vertically to see if there was any clearance between the stone wall and the building depiction. There is none on my map as the counter touches either the house or the stone wall, which would deny the bypass. So I'm saying I see no clearance to my opponent and he is saying..."what do you mean...I see plenty of room."

So...a conundrum...we both are seeing something different. So we lower our cameras to our respective boards and behold...they are different. The house depiction on the hard stock board 42 does show enough clearance...more than enough even for the bypass.

My opponent is a good guy though and agreed to the denial of bypass, since it was clearly denied on one of the two boards in play. Of course in a normal face to face match, this would never come up, but it does make me wonder how many other board variations my be out there.


  1. If you look very closely at the original board, it appears that the part of the building touching the hexside is actually the shadow of the building, so it should be clear.

    This is one of the reasons why the new boards are sidewalks and ambiguous terrain features.