Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Victory is Life - completion of Turn 4

 We managed to complete Turn 4 this evening and it was all Russians on the Soviet network. My effort in the southwest has been a failure and my erstwhile opponent made several key moves which successfully split my forces and will make it really tough  for me to join my forces. This area is critical to pulling away resources, which are now moving towards my exit not good.
 My hero and his ATR continue to hang on and bedevil two T-34's, which is OUTSTANDING!!
 Things did not go too well for me in the exit route area. The hull down T-34 knocked out my smoke making Stug and the 6-2-8's played havoc with my infantry. The DM stacks show the unhappy results, which also included wounding my 9-1 officer. I did manage to hit back and DM one of the 6-2-8's. I'll happily accept anything I can get!
And a last look at my intended exit route. The T-34 with the busted main armament did not fix it, but didn't roll a 6 either. So it still could make life miserable for me. The T-34 from the southwest moved up and will be my new headache. In better news, I did manage to break the Russian infantry in the house by the road. This was critical, but it also routed them into my exit route it's a good/bad result for me. Looking forward to next week's action and hoping for good rolls!!!

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