Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Victory is Life ...another turn down

 Great game tonight as we completed another full turn, bring up to turn 3-1/2. Some major moves were made tonight. The Russians moved a T-34 into a hull down position to interdict my moves into the stonewalled orchard on a hill that is my chosen escape route. I smoked it in my turn and quickly moved my staff officers forward. My Italians gallantly attacked the northernmost T-34 and it broke 3 squads before it's main armament broke in intensive fire. The lone unbroken half squad successfully placed a DC, but my positioning roll was terrible and so the DC had no effect. Major bummer...but at least the main gun is broken...
 An overall look. My forces in the south are attempting to shift back to the north. My two ATR's are still in the village trying to fend off an end around by the T-34's. But honestly...what can they really do beyond psychological damage??
 A closer look at my southern group...which continues to under perform.
A look at my main group working hard to shield the escaping staff officers. They also managed to finish off the Russian 8-1 in close combat. But the Russians are beginning to move with a I expect some difficult turns next week.

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