Saturday, February 2, 2013

Turn 3 of Winter of our Discontent

 Turn 3 began well for the Soviets as I was able to break the German 50L crew upfront and push my T-34's up to force the rout.
 The holdout Italian squad that had bedeviled me on the right rolled snake eyes on a morale check during my Prep Fire and then a 9 for the Heat of Battle with a +3 for being Italian and they promptly surrendered. I was opponent not so much.
 An overview of Soviet progress on the right. Could be better, but moving ahead steadily. Need to occupy as much territory as possible.
 Always aggressive, my opponent moved his MKIV's right into the fray. I achieved no hits in D-Fire.

 On my left, things continue to get worse. One of the MKIV's just ran up the middle and has taken a position in my backfield. Not much I can do about it either.

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  1. Apologies for the picture quality. My wife had the camera last I had to turn to my IPAD for pictures.