Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AP20 Victory is Life - Scenario 2 for 2013

 Completed just the first half of Turn 1 tonight. But it was a good half turn. I drew the Italians and after switching my initial setup twice, finally settled on an attack plan to free the Italian Headquarters Staff and with any luck actually exit them off the west edge.
 Another look at the start area for the Italian HQ Staff. My opponent chose to place only one Russian stack on Board 10. I quickly moved one Stug to confront them, while leaving a concealed rear guard in the event the Russians try to end around me.
 My opponent set up well overall. The Russians are covering all the approaches and have a good central position from which to interdict any moves I make.
 On the north edge I ran two squads up with Demo Charges. They are supported by my 9-2 and some MMG love.
 A good look at the Russian central position.
 Good look at the situation in the North.
To the southwest I sent a large infantry force to move into the Russian central position and create as much chaos as possible and hopefully distract my opponent from my efforts in the north. We shall see I suppose!!!

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