Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Dismal Ending to Winter of their Discontent

 Well...we managed to finish turn 5, 6, and 7 tonight. Really a solid effort tonight. Too bad the results were so astonishingly dismal for the Russians. I never managed to do much in the final three turns of the game. My rolls were appalling. At least 4 x 12's tonight. Too many doubles that caused my 16 factor stacks to cower and do nothing turn after turn. My 9-2 never rolled less than an 8 on his 16 factor fires. As a result I never managed to dislodge the worthless Italian squads in front of me, who were finally reinforced by substantial German forces.
 On the far left flank, the German MKIV escaped unharmed from the pursuit of my T-34 and went to gobble up my T-70, which he did without too much fanfare. My ATR got several hits, but they all pinged off the German plate.

 By turn 6 the T-70 was smoking and the ATR squad and 8-0 officer were KIA'd after rolling 12's.
The main fight continued to rage in the center right half of the battle zone. The German 50L crew kept breaking and then rallying and jumping back into position only to be broken again. Neither of us managed to do anything substantial to the other for the duration of the game. And that's how it ended with 62 Italian/German VP's and 41 Russian VP's. And I have now dropped my 4th game in a row. I have not won since last July. And I'm definitely feeling it.

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