Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter of their Discontent Week 2

 The end of Turn 1 and all of Turn 2 provided more Russian bloodshed and frustration. The Italians have all but routed my forces on the left side of the map.
 My T-34's put in good service and helped isolate broken Italians on the right, resulting in one eliminated 3-4-6.
 Close up of the right where my frustrations are many. My 9-2 with both MMG's has not rolled less than a 10 on fire rolls. It has done nothing so far. Meanwhile the last Italian 3-3-6 was pinned and rolled snake eyes to ultimately KIA my adjacent 4-5-8 which had intended to KIA the Italians in CC. This is the part of ASL I hate. A 9-2 stack with 16 factors can't do jack because of bad rolls and a pinned 3-3-6 manages a KIA (because I can't make any morale checks either). Yes, please pass the cheese for my whine. We have all been there and experienced these kinds of things. It just never gets any easier to accept.
Turn 2 also heralded the arrival of reinforcements of 8-1 Italian Officer, 3 x 4-4-7 Germans and 2 x MKIV's. I'm guessing my frustration will be compounded in the coming turns. We shall see!!!

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