Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter of their Discontent to kick off 2013!!!

 I drew the Russians and set up with a primary drive to the right.  All three T-34's and all the 4-5-8's are making a push that way. Unfortunately, all of my Prep Fire rolls were 10's or 11's. So the Italians are still concealed.
 Another look at the fight on the right.
 Over on the left, I went for broke with 4-4-7's rushing forward and the two T-70's rolling into danger.
 The center has way too much open ground, so my forces there are sliding to the support my main effort on the right.
An overall view of the first half of Turn 1. It's going to be a long and painful game...unless my rolls get to be a little more average.


  1. You must hope that your opponent also gets the high rolls, not that is likely


  2. Never been that lucky against my primary opponent. He has a talent for rolling ROF. One of his 50L's got ROF 4 x times in a row. Naturally, my 4-4-7 was eventually destroyed.'s going to be a long 7 turns!!!